Thursday, November 12, 2009

a fugitive on the new yorker blog!!

hi again, readers! i have some exciting news this morning! (well, ok, to me it's *very* exciting! to you it may be "meh".) "tide of frankenstein" was used in macy halford's transhumanist embodiment critique "your brain must remain in your body" on the new yorker's "book bench" page!

i'm totally dying over here!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

start of a short project

hiya, kiddos! i think that the "evening magazine" segment was rerun the other day. (thanks to mary and eric for pointing that out!) if you happen to be someone who is here via king 5, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

everyone else, here's the beginning of a new sketchbook that i'll eventually be mailing to cali as part of the library! project! (sorry i'm so late, slogrl.)

i'll be posting pages as completed in this flickr set. it shouldn't take me much longer than a week.

if you're near calpoly, please stop by and check out the library! rack! it's a thing of beauty!