Thursday, May 29, 2008

beet juice beetlejuice

continuing with wash drawings, here's michael keaton as beetlejuice made from beet juice.

have you ever tried to get a rapidograph pen to work with non inks? i wouldn't recommend it.

even though beet juice is thinthinthin i still couldn't get it to flow. sigh..


Anonymous said...

Ack...I paid enough for my Rapidograph pen that I woulnd't dream of fooling with it like that. ;>

Who knew Beetlejuice could actually look so palatable?

x said...

this is such a cool blog, i just discovered it today but have been clicking through all your old posts, awesome stuff!

r4kk4 said...

you wouldn't like to know what all i've stuck in my rapidograph wells, teresa. ;D

he would've looked better (or at least the way that i would've liked for him to) if i could've gone back in with the pen. still, thanks!

thanks, xq! i'm glad you're enjoying it! :D!