Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i'm baaaaaaack

hello again, my most favorite readers in the world! i've been given the go ahead by the doctor to move around so i'll be getting back up to speed here at s&f. (if you require more info as to what's going on click here. although, for the life of me, i can't see why it would be interesting.)

ANYWAY, since i don't have a completed stencil yet, i thought i'd post a photo of one of my very first fugitives. here's a silkscreen of christ's head on a corn tortilla from 1998 entitled "eat me". (if i am anything, i'm irreverent.)

also, here's a lovely fugitive rakka lamb grill steak that mr. hyde made for me! thanks so much! (and thanks to all of the other well wishers out there!)

(original here)

new fugitive coming up soon! i'll also be playing catch up on the week that i missed.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you and your tantalizing art back! I hope you're feeling well enough to tackle this. :)

r4kk4 said...


so long as i'm not screaming in pain (like i was last weekend, unfortunately) i'll be able to finish this project and start on another! (i should note that i'm not in pain now which is wonderful!)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear; maybe wear a strand of garlic to keep the pain away?