Friday, April 3, 2009

edible book festival TOMORROW!

hey, lovely readers! here's the cake based on the book fire bringer (warning: audio!) that i made for the upcoming (as in TOMORROW!) 2009 seattle edible book festival! three pics for your viewing pleasure.

if i have more time, i'll crank out another entry. i'm not sure about that though so don't hold me to it.

anyway, if you're in seattle, wa tomorrow (3/4/09) from 1-4p, please drop by the good shepherd center!

admission is $10 (free with edible book entry) with proceeds going to the seattle center for book arts!

hope to see you there!

p.s.--don't forget! year of deer is still going strong!

p.p.s.-- i *did* make an extra piece for the festival.

it's called "wonder bread". you know, 'cause it's bread and it has wonder woman on it? oh, never mind.

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