Friday, April 23, 2010

it's a book!

you know how i've been hinting around that noah (you know, noah! he rocks!) has included me in one of his upcoming projects? well, now i've got the official news!

i'm included in his new book, 365: a daily creativity journal due out on dec 15, 2010 from voyageur!

i'll post more details as they become available. in the mean time, check out my current 365 (which is not for those allergic to the f word) or the 365 that i didn't complete due to time constraints. alternately, you could go read my short 37 day blog that runs from april 19-may 25.

also, don't forget! suspect and fugitive is the basis for a show at bluebottle in june. (opening, june 10 from 5-8p in conjunction with caphill art walk.)

yes, it's quite busy around these parts lately...

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