Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Stenciled some Cookies for the Show!

You guys know that I've got an opening at Bluebottle on Thursday, right? (If you haven't gleaned that info from this site over the past month, you might want to consider working on reading comprehension.)

Anyway, today I cranked out 5 dozen cookies. Yes, they'll be fine to eat on Thursday. They are currently in the freezer.

Here's the "assembly line".

I made two types of cookies, "Space Kookies", the stencil for which is here.

Finished Kookies:

I also made three kinds of "Cookie Monsters". Godzilla, Frank from "Donnie Darko" and a monster truck. (The last is for my little bro who used to be fascinated by Bigfoot. (And, oh my god, did I ever give him hell for it.))

The cookies are free at the opening so why not swing by and say hi? Hope to see you Thurs!

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