Monday, September 15, 2008

toothpatsy and edina, stephen (ba)king powder and frank black food dye

it's monday, my cold's almost gone and it's time for three new fugitives!

first, it's a toothpatsy and edina.

(patsy and edina from "ab fab" made from toothpaste.)

i still love "ab fab". in fact, i've found that it's gotten funnier over time.

next, it's stephen (ba)king powder.

(stephen king made from baking powder.)

i haven't read any of stephen king's books in a while. (although i used to devour them religiously in high school.) but after seeing "firestarter" again the other day, i think i might pick up one of his older books (like, carrie or cujo) for a quick read.

lastly, it's frank black food dye.

(frank black made from black food dye.)

i saw the pixies play in, oh, 1992 (?) at the alumni gym in knoxville, tn. although that carbon dates me, i don't care. it's still one of the best shows that i've ever seen.


burnt tortilla said...

abs fabs!!!

r4kk4 said...

i had a feeling you'd like that one! :D!