Monday, September 1, 2008

ya (young adult) monday

i know, i know, i said i'd be back on tuesday and here it is monday and i've got a post. i've got a good reason though. see, "gossip girl" is on tonight. (hahah! no. seriously. i'm hooked. i'll explain why in a sec.)

i have two reasons for watching "gg"-- 1) blair waldorf and 2) chuck bass. and so we have the following two fugitives.

nair waldorf. (blair waldorf made from nair. (although i doubt that blair would ever use nair. (i certainly don't. (it smells HORRIBLE.) in fact, i'm not even sure where the bottle came from. it's been moving with me for at least 10 years. perhaps i should throw it out...))

and chuck bassket. (chuck bass woven onto a plastic basket.)

i've never read any of the "gg" books (although one of the ticket takers at the monorail assures me that they're quite fantastic.)

i have, however, read quite a few of judy blume's books in my time.

judy ballume. (judy blume on a balloon)

in fact, the fudge books still crack me up!

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