Wednesday, November 5, 2008

peter campbell's cream of mushroom soup and peggy olayson

sorry about posting these so late in the day but i'm hungover on hope. (well, that and celebratory booze. heh heh.)

anyway, here are the remaining "mad men" fugitives. i've decided to make this a "work week" so there will be only five.

first up, peter campbell's cream of mushroom soup.

peter campbell made from campbell's cream of mushroom soup.

and peggy olayson.

peggy olson made from oil of olay.

what? i'm 35 and i still get carded. i stand by the oil of old lady.

a warning to those of you who aren't into the whole politics thing. i'll probably be making a few obama fugitives in the next couple of days. it can't be helped. i'm really and truly excited the election results!!

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jrhyley said...

Pull the trigger, Pete.