Wednesday, November 12, 2008

yellow belly

tanya donnelly formerly of belly made with yellow food dye.

all of these years later i'm still not entirely sure what "feed the tree" was supposed to be about. (although, yes, i've heard it's supposedly a metaphor about commitment and respect).

i can, however, tell you from laaaaaaame experience that in the early '90s in kvegas it was occasionally used as a pickup line. a horrible, horrible pickup line that never worked and would cause my friends and i to leave the bar.


Yard Sale Bloodbath said...

OK I'm a little embarrassed that I know this, but I remember hearing an interview with her and I'm pretty sure she said "Feed the Tree" was about being dead - i.e., buried in the ground, your body eventually being food for the trees. Which makes me a little extra concerned that it was being used as a pickup line (I really can't figure out how anyone thought THAT would work!)

r4kk4 said...

i chalk it up to no one knowing what it was about at the time. haha!

still, it was a terrible pickup line. please keep in mind that this was the city where some guy came up to me and said "you probably want me to fuck off, don't you?" to which i replied "yes. fuck off." so it's not entirely surprising. HAHAH!