Thursday, January 8, 2009

flanny cash

today's fugitive is flanny cash. (johnny cash made from flan.)

since i was fairly certain that this was going to be terribly gross and/or disgusting looking ingredient to work with, i decided to make a "dry" cash first.

not so nasty looking here but brace yourself.

after four cups of milk, a bit of boiling and some time in the freezer (i'm impatient) we have the wet version.

now that's all kinds of gross. which makes me sad, really 'cause i love both flan and johnny cash. though not usually at the same time...

anyway, enjoy some cash clips. (oh yeah, that last one's from "columbo"! it's, like, my favorite episode of that show!!)

p.s.-- i also made a flan rabbit.

not that it really matters.

still, it's leagues better than the gelatinous salmon rabbit that i once made. (warning: click on that at your own risk. it's NAAAAAAASTY!)

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