Monday, May 10, 2010

Staying Golden

Here're two "Golden Girls" in progress. I swear, "Beety White" (Betty White made from beet juice) is trying to give me a freakin' aneurysm.

I've managed to sledgehammer her into having *some* resemblance to Betty White. She has a lazy eye at the moment though. Oh, ho ho.

"Wasabi Arthur", in contrast, happened quite easily once I decided to stop painting with wasabi and just screen with it. Here's an artist proof.

The finished image is going to be very similar. (The original "Wasabi Arthur" for those of you keeping score.)

A warning: if you ever decide to use wasabi as a silkscreening ink, open a window. Copious amounts of wasabi will make you cough like crazy. Also, your eyes will water something fierce.

K, back to wrestling with the beet image. (I think it's gonna' be a long night.)

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