Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two More Pieces in Progress

I'm too tired to make this pithy. How about I just give you some short commentary on two more works in progress?

Here's "Chocolate Baria". (Daria in acrylic on a chocolate bar)

A lot of pieces come about because of my slight dyslexia. (Bdp and q occasionally make reading unintentionally hilarious.)

This is the start of "Tropical Ponch". (Ponch made from tropical punch Kool Aid.)

My work area is starting to smell weird what with the combination of wasabi, coffee, kool aid, chocolate and beets. Bleah.

In less smelly news, don't forget to enter this week's card contest!

1 comment:

muffin said...

that is so great! i am NOT alone!!
i am dyslexic as well and i giggle all the time because of the way i read or write things...
my boyfriend laughs more at me than with me when i have to explain what i am snickering about, but i get a good laugh a few times a day!

yay for us dyslexics!! always have a laugh!