Friday, June 6, 2008

freaky friday!

i probably should have saved the duo of horror fugitives for next friday, the 13th but i couldn't wait.

here's chucky from "child's play" made with major grey's chutney to become a chutney chucky.

next up is my favorite scene from "children of the corn" on corn tortillas which makes it, you guessed it, "children of the corn tortillas".

in case you're unfamiliar with this movie, it's the scene where the red headed kid yells "outlander!!". it never fails to crack me up.


Anonymous said...

Ack! Not Chutney Chucky!! LOL! I've never seen any of the Chucky movies completely - just a scene here and there. Freaks the hell out of me. Never seen Children of the Corn either. That's scary too, isn't it? Yeah, I'm a big chicken. I can only stand blood and gore if it's in a sci-fi movie.

r4kk4 said...

they're scary if you're not into horror. i think they're both really funny. hahaha!

"children of the corn" is dumb (but funny). i just wanted an excuse to link to the "outlander" clip since i tend to quote that a lot for no particular reason.

Anonymous said...

I should look at horror movies that wacky humor. My imagination tends to work over-time (with no pay). I couldn't shower for a few weeks after watching Psycho, and that is so tame by today's standards.

It's funny that many of us have these quotes we like to use/yell out for no reason (one of mine is "power to the appliances" from a goofy kids film called Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars). ;D

r4kk4 said...

well, i mean, some movies are scary but a lot of the low budget slasher films don't really have anything that's shocking on a deeper level than blood and gore.

hitchcock can be really creepy because there's a lot more behind it than just the "boogeyman" factor.