Saturday, June 14, 2008

shrinky humperdinck

after inigo, i thought i'd go with something simple today. that's why i used our breakfast sushi cartons to make a shrinky humperdinck.

"what?" i can hear you asking. lemme' 'splain. you see, if you get some plastic that has a "6" in the recycle arrows, plastic like this:

but not this:

you can make shrinky dinks using these instructions.

why clear plastic and not the woodgrain? well, see, of these three humperdincks waiting to shrink

only two of them did.

the woodgrain one just stank. pretty badly, i might add.

anyway, yeah, that's how i ended up with a shrunken humperdinck.

you should make one of your own.

also, day three of the vizziknee.


Anonymous said...

That's quite fascinating! I've not even used the actual Shrinky Dinks we have yet, so don't think I'll subject my sushi cartons to this; besides, I have a couple of different projects in mind for those funky containers. ;)

Sushi for breakfast? You're my kinda gal!

r4kk4 said...

it's a good way to reuse them instead of just chucking them.

i'd be awesome if i could eat natto for breakfast. sadly, i can't. :(