Monday, June 16, 2008

hey, you guys! it's a week full of goonies!

that's right! a whole week full of characters from the goon docks.

and, in keeping with tradition at s&f, i've kicked things off with a fugitive that doesn't quite work. meh, i'm human.

it's sloth made from a baby ruth.

i thought i'd go for something subtle to reflect the tender portrayal of sloth in the movie..........

no, that's bullshit. in reality i tried about four different ways to get the baby ruth to turn into sloth but nothing worked. so i ended up using it like a piece of chalk to get the end result you see above. "like what?" you ask. just watch the video...

see, like chalk. it kinda' works. sort of.

anyway, come back tomorrow and i might have made something more closely resembling rich stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I totally don't remember The Goonies, even though I know I watched it when it first came out. But, I have a blogger friend who loves it, so I'll be sending her your way.