Tuesday, July 29, 2008

catching up

sadly, i'm not 100% with the back issue but i decided to go ahead and play catch up anyway.

here's samantha brownie mix a.k.a. samantha brown made from brownie mix.

sam brown's shows are the only ones that i'll watch on the travel channel. i heart her.

next is "quiche lorraine" or lea thompson as lorraine baines in "back to the future".

technically, it's not a *real* quiche lorraine because i don't eat pork.

lastly, it's icy hoff. you know, david hasslehoff made from icy hot in honor of my damn back pain.

sorry the hoff's not in focus. it hurt to stand still.

anyway, back tomorrow.


Birdie said...

Samantha Brown is fun...but Anthony Bourdain is totally rad.

Love your blog!!

r4kk4 said...

anthony bourdain always feels like he's trying too hard. at least to me.


striatic said...

how many of these do you end up eating?

r4kk4 said...

leff and i had the quiche for dinner and then or breakfast the next morning. but i didn't eat any of the brownie mix or icy hot.

we eat most of the vegetable and fruit matter. i hardly ever touch the candy (it usually just gets trashed). andc the spam is in the freezer and will never be eaten because ick.