Thursday, July 24, 2008

lindsay glohan

lindsay lohan made from the "juice" of a glostick. (in other words, i activated a glostick, cut it open and painted with the liquid inside. kids, don't try this at home.)

i have worked with some pretty odd materials in my time but i do believe that this liquid takes the cake. here it is in daylight.

and again in the dark.

my paintbrush was glowing! it was *awesome*!


Noah said...

Wow, impressive (and dangerous)!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, skully! :D!

well, you know, what's life if you play it safe all the time? ;D (that being said, the stuff inside of the glosticks is nontoxic. so, you know, it wasn't that dangerous at all.)

Anonymous said...

That glowstick stuff is really scary. An aunt gave our kids some, and one leaked on me. It took me a long time with lots of soap and water to get it off. I don't believe what they say about it being "non-toxic". I'm convinced I'll get cancer on that spot on my hand. Ick!

But your Glohan sure is cool! And, I have to say, lots more glowing than the real thing. Haha

Sarah said...

just found this site via Skull A Day. loving it. this is my favourite so far. makes me want to go break a glostick open and play :)