Friday, October 10, 2008

exorcist pea soup

the possessed version of regan from "the exorcist" made from condensed pea soup.

is there anything creepier than having this image staring out from your screen while you're working with smelly, cold pea soup?

oh, right. there is.


Anonymous said...

I'd never been brave enough to watch the Exorcist before, but I think I'm going to have to this year.

GREAT pea soup painting! (I never thought I'd ever say that in my life.)

r4kk4 said...


"the exorcist" will get under your skin. brace yourself.

i've seen it so many times that i'm now able to sleep through it (to some of my friend's disbelief. haha) but the first time i saw it, i couldn't shake it for about a week.

Anonymous said...

Oh great...I'll probably go sleepless for a month then. I'm such a wuss that Psycho had me creeped out for a whole semester in highschool. Still, I have to watch a classic. ;)