Friday, October 17, 2008

obama bake sale tonight in cap hill!

i thought i'd post about the obama bake sale that i made some cookies for because it's both stencily and nonarchival. (as well as sweet and tasty.  who doesn't need a little sweetness on a friday?)

even though i won't be there, some cookies that i made will be so please drop by! there will be some wonderful ladies there!

what: obama bake sale
where: vermillion (1508 11th ave across the street from value village )
when: 7:00pm on friday, Oct. 17th


Anonymous said...

Go, O!

Would love to be there, but I hope they sell tons!

striatic said...

wife wants obama cookies!

r4kk4 said...

i hope they did too, teresa! i really wish that i could've been there instead of stuck in this backwater town. sigh...

i hope you both made it to vermillion, striatic! if not, i can probably whip up another batch sometime. maybe for our election party? (although i haven't had time to plan that yet so i'm not sure how much of a party it's going to be.)