Monday, October 27, 2008

ring dong and apple jackula

i still feel like crap but it's monday and time for two new fugitives.

first up, ring dong.

sadako from "the ring" on a ding dong.

i liked the original japanese version of this movie ("ringu") much more.

as far as koji suzuki's books go, the ring was the best of the trilogy, imho.

next, it's apple jackula.

william marshall as blackula made from apple jacks.

leff and i watched both "blackula" and "scream, blackula, scream" on saturday. there really isn't a greater double feature in existence.

i am *so* serious.  go watch the trailer!

1 comment:

Noah said...

Damn that Ring Dong is absolutely terrifying! I'd definitely be freaked out to find it in a package.