Tuesday, July 8, 2008

check hanson

beck hanson made from three checks. although, not cancelled ones.

have you heard the new beck album yet? while it's not exactly groundbreaking stuff, i'm finding it to be quite nice. although it makes me want to eat greasy chicken quesadillas and drink cheap beer. (that's a knoxvegas association. don't ask.)


MC1 said...

I really like this... So, you have set this daily challenge to yourself. Is coming up with a witty title part of it? I really dig that aspect.

How do you feel about the daily commitment part?

r4kk4 said...


it is part of it. well, at least while i'm doing portraiture.

the daily commitment part of it isn't a big deal really. i've been doing it since feb (well, if we're honest, i've been making stuff daily for years) so i'm used to it.

the only problem comes when people come in from out of town, illness and trips to the dentist. haha!