Monday, August 11, 2008

isaac clays

isaac hayes made from blue clay mask.

how sad was it to read of isaac hayes' death yesterday? i'm not sure why the news hit me quite as hard as it did but, i'll admit, i'm fairly depressed about it.

on a happy note, however, isaac hayes was the keynote speaker at my college graduation from umemphis. all 5,000 or so of the people in my graduating class (and the 20,000 or so in the bleachers at the (now abandonned) "tomb of doom") roared with laughter when he stepped up to the mike and announced in his deep voice "hello, children!"

isaac hayes, i'll miss your hot buttered soul.


Kerry said...

U of M, really? Me too. We didn't get anyone as good as Isaac Hayes though.

I dig your work. Glad to see the alma mater producing good artists!

r4kk4 said...

yeah, i think he was the best speaker they ever had. a friend of mine who graduated a semester after me got either the guy who founded holiday inn of the guy who started fed ex. haha!

what year did you graduate?

it's got a surprisingly good art program. mainly due to greely myatt.

and, thank you! you're very kind!

Kerry said...

You're welcome. I was Winter of 2001, and I can't even remember who spoke. You?

r4kk4 said...

winter of '98. i'm a bit long in the tooth.

you woulda' remembered if it had been isaac hayes! haha!

Kerry said...

You're right, I would have!