Thursday, August 7, 2008

skull a day sugar skull!

noah from skull a day is awesome! i'm fairly certain that the entire internet knows this already but it never hurts to reiterate.

in addition to being a wonderful person and, as mentioned above, awesome, he's also been super kind to me! case in point, he granted me an interview on the skull a day 2.0 site!

he's so sweet!

anyway, as kind of a "thank you" for all of his wonderful support to date, today's fugitive is a sugar skull.

i made it using noah's two part skull stencil with red sanding sugar and powdered sugar. (so it's twice as sweet.)

anyway, many, many thanks to noah! i can't wait to purchase a copy of his book when it comes out!

a p.s. to fugitive fans -- there are still cards for sale in my etsy shop!

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